Annual Events

We organize events throughout the year such as:

World Hijab Day

It’s an annual event celebrated throughout the world to raise awareness about Hijab. Every year WNYMuslims participate in celebrating the true spirit of the Hijab at different locations in the vicinity of WNY, in which tables are set up with hijabs on display to try on, and selfie booths are placed along with other activities related to hijab awareness. It's one of our popular events in which we get an overwhelming response from the community of WNY as people enthusiastically participate in the activities.

Diversity Cruise

Its our annual event, which is attended by a number of people from diverse backgrounds. The event is full of different activities while the boat sails through our beautiful city of Buffalo.

Attendees and volunteers also entertain everyone with their enthralling singing expertise. several delicacies are catered., which is considered as the highlight of the event at the same time a various activities are also arranged for the attendees. 

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Chaand Raat

We have been celebrating Chaand Raat for the past several years to bid farewell to Ramadan and to celebrate the night of the moon before the festival of Eid – the most important Muslim festival. It’s an event to promote the local businesses and private vendors. It won’t be wrong to call it our most popular event as it doesn’t only offer entertainment and shopping opportunities for locals but also benefit the vendors from all over WNY, who take advantage of this golden opportunity and introduced their businesses of food, apparels, jewelry, cosmetics, henna tattooing, aesthetic services etc. to the community along with several activities in the form of games, lucky draws etc.

Eid Carnival

Its our annual event being celebrated for the festivities of Eid-Al-Adha -- one of the two most important festivals of Muslims, which is commemorated in order to remember, The Great Sacrifice of prophet Ibrahim's willingness to surrender his son for sacrifice, Prophet Ismael (A.S) to fulfill the command of God -- for the children and families of the community of Buffalo.

Several activities are arranged for the kids and families like trampoline and games for kids and food and shopping options for the adults in the heart of the Buffalo downtown at MLK Park, in which people from all religions, ethnicities, and backgrounds participate. 

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Roses of the Prophet

Our annual event ‘Roses of the Prophet’ is considered by the community as a truly efficient way to spread joy and raise awareness of the true nature of Islam. Over 40 volunteers from the community and Muslim Women’s Council of MSA help in the distribution of hundreds of roses & inspirational quotes by  Prophet Muhammad, Jesus, and Moses (peace be upon them all) at Walden Galleria and UB Student Union.