Soups Kitchen

Alhamdulillah on September 17th, 2017 we had our first day of our Halal For All Soup Kitchen. The community members were served Halal food. There is a protein, salad, fruit water, and milk for them to enjoy. The following week we had Halal Beef Chili.

We want to say special thanks to our friends at Friends of the Night People who have been helping us throughout the journey. Their amazing chefs make the most delicious food for the community giving special attention to the Islamic food guidelines. We are so grateful to all the staff who work with us and help us help the community in need.

We also want to say thanks to our amazing volunteers without whom we won't have been able to do anything. This is for the entire community. We hope to see you there!

Every Sunday after Duhr prayers. May Allah bless you all.