WNY Muslims is dedicated to create awareness of a Muslim way of life and develop a cultural sensitivity to it.  In order to carryout our mission, we offer various learning opportunities to people of all faiths. We have a strong internship and volunteer program which not only creates awareness but also helps in our anti-poverty goals to improve the economic conditions of individuals. They are introduced and trained in many skills that assist them in job placement within our organization, our affiliates or other companies that may require placement.  WNY Muslims is also involved in organizing and participating in events to improve the understanding of Muslim Culture. We also represent the Muslim community in the Media significantly and you can have a look at the links below for more information:

  • NewsletterA weekly newsletter that goes out to all subscribers to inform them of the current happenings in the Muslim World.
  • Upcoming Events: Updated and latest events and happenings of community with its details are found here.
  • Community Announcements: General community announcements that take place in the community
  • Janaza: Funerals that are taking place in Western New York area.
  • Learn about Islam: A platform for informational resources to learn about Islam.
  • Find Halal FoodA guide for people to know where the location of the Halal locations are in Buffalo.
  • Volunteer & Internship: Information about Volunteer and Internship Programs available at WNY Muslims.
  • Careers:  Offering various career opportunities that may lead to interfaith awareness.
  • WNY M Productions:  Projects related to create awareness about Muslim life through media project.
  • Follow us in the News:  Representation of Muslims in Media by WNY Muslims.


Awareness Events