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“Roses of The Prophet: iLove.”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (03/16/13) WNYMuslims Community Outreach Event to Raise Awareness of Islam   WNYMuslims hosted an event on Wednesday April 03, 2013 titled “Roses of The Prophet: iLove.”  The event took a place at both the University at Buffalo North Campus Student Union and...
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Journey’s End A Global Feast – Iran

Date of Event: January 14, 2013 By Philip RicoPart of the world came to Buffalo on the evening of Monday, January 14 when Journey’s End held a Global Feast in an event afforded the opportunity for average Americans to taste authentic Iranian cuisine prepared by refugees who...
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Belief requires sacrifice. It is not possible to hold on to your values and principles without giving up something in return. Religion is no different. If you call yourself religious and you haven’t sacrificed anything, well you need to take a reassessment of your lifestyle one...
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