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The Day Of Ashoora

By the permission of Allah, THIS THURSDAY will be the day of Ashoora (10th day of the month of Muharam). We should follow the footsteps of our beloved Muhammad (peace be upon him) by fasting the day before (Wednesday) and the day of Ashoora (Thursday).  These are easy rewards my...
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An evening with Lauren Booth & MLFA

Article by Nathar EL Date of Event: May 11, 2013 A remarkable woman with an extraordinary story, Lauren Booth left me entranced and wanting more. On a collaborative mission to support the cause of justice in America, Ms. Booth joined Mr. Khalil Meek, co-founder of the Muslim...
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Is This How You Show Your Love For Islam?

There is so much that is bad in this world. There seems to be more evil in this day and age than there was ever in the past. Yes, people were killed and tortured in the name of religion before as well and yes there were rulers like Firaoun (Pharaoh) who were famous for their...
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