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Issue 99 

 As-Salaam Alaikum! 

 What's going on?

WNYMuslims & MSA Present 'Summer of Service'

WNYMuslims, in partnership with UB's MSA, is proud to present it's first ever 'Summer of Service' volunteer week! We believe that giving back to the community is a beautiful way to represent the wonderful nature of Islam and the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh)! So join us as we spend the week volunteering with organizations such as Journey's End, Buffalo City Mission, ISNF, and more! 

Comfortable clothing and a smile is all that's needed on each day-of!

Volunteer Orientation is July 1st!

Please sign-up for days by contacting us at:

Email: wnymuslims@wnymuslims.org

Phone: 716-923-4386 

Facebook: WNYMuslims

Muslim Spotlight: Akram Shibly

WNYMuslims had the opportunity to sit down with UB Media Studies major Akram Shibly.  He spoke to us about how he first became interested in film, and the importance of having a Muslim voice in media.

The Muslim Spotlight is an ongoing project which showcases exceptional community members.  Its goal is to create a sense of awareness, and InshaAllah (God willing) generate a sense of pride and acknowledgement in a community which is greater than it's perceived image.

If you or someone you know would make a good highlight, please feel free to contact WNYMuslims by emailing us at wnym@wnymuslims.org or calling us at (716) 923-4386. We are interested in anyone who is doing or has done remarkable things, however big or small.

Donations Needed for Project Ramadan

After a very successful Iftaar Basket drive last year, Project Ramadan is back! Donations are needed to help make Iftaar baskets for the less fortunate this Ramadan, so please give whatever you can!

Donations will be received up until July 1st. Volunteering for the Basket Making will be July 8th! Help is greatly appreciated, and all are welcome to come!

For more information please contact Sister Sahar Siam at 716-445-7028

Plight of the Minority: Jews

This series hopes to explore stories of other minorities, their persecution and assimilation in American society.