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Vol. 10, No. 28

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Hadith of the Week

Abu Bakr came to see me and I had two girls with me from among the girls of the Ansar and they were singing what the Ansar recited to one another at the Battle of Bu'ath. They were not, however, singing girls. Upon this Abu Bakr said: What I (the playing of) this wind instrument of Satan in the house of the Messenger of Allah and this too on 'Id day? Upon this the Messenger of Allah said: "Abu Bakr, every people have a festival and it is our festival (so let them play on)."

Sahih Muslim 892, Book 8, Hadith 16


Community Announcements:

• 'Kids 4 Kids' Toy Drive for Women & Children's Hospital of Buffalo is now accepting donations. Click here for further details.

• Sunnah Man is here! Click here for details.

• Universal School: Enrollment is open! "Enroll before July 31st and have your testing fee waived!" Click here for more details. 

• Al-Rasheed Academy: Enrollment is open! Click here for more details. 

• ISNF is having a Quran competition for children ages 6-14. Click here for more details. 

• Universal School is hiring for a Cafeteria Chef and a Cafeteria Director. Click here for details of the Cafeteria Chef position and click here for details regarding the Cafeteria Director position.

• Access of WNY is hiring an Arabic Language Principal. Click here for more details.

ATTENTION: Community members, if you would like us to post your event(s) and/or community announcements, please contact our office at 716-923-4386716-923-4386 or email us at [email protected]

Career Opportunities: 

WNYMuslims is hiring for the following positions:

• Assistant Executive Director

• Community Outreach Specialist

• Event Coverage Journalist


Click here for more details.


WNYMuslims is looking for Interns for the upcoming Spring session.

 The areas that are needed are:

• Volunteer Coordination

• Event Management

• Community Outreach

• Marketing

• Media Engagement Editor

• Video Production & Photography

• Public Relations

• Journalism

• Graphic Design


Click here to complete an application. For additional informaton, please contact our office at 716-923-4386716-923-4386 or at [email protected]