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Issue 92 

 Assalaam Alaikum! 

 What's going on?

  • WNYMuslims Now Accepting Online Donations 
  • MLFA and WNYMuslims Present Lauren Booth
  • Fitness Craze 
  • Event Coverage: NRC Appreciation Dinner
  • Blog Post: The Not-So-Perfect Wedding Ceremony by M. Fatima
  • Upcoming Events
  • Muslims in the Media
  • Recent Posts

WNYMuslims Now Accepting Online Donations

WNYMuslims is pleased to announce that we are now able to accept donations on our website.  Donations help fund the programs and events that allow WNYMuslims to fulfill its mission to empower Muslims and non-Muslims to voice, connect, contribute and express themselves in unique and creative ways through the use of media.  By giving the proper knowledge, tools, and encouragement to individuals we can help debunk negative stereotypes and change the way Muslims are portrayed in mainstream media.  Please consider making a contribution by going to the donations page of wnymuslims.org.  CLICK HERE

Upcoming Event:  MLFA and WNYMuslims Present Lauren Booth 

WNYMuslims will be co-sponsoring A benefit for the Muslim Legal Fund of America this coming Saturday, May 11th at Masjid An-Noor (745 Heim Rd., Getzvile, NY) at 8:30 pm.  Lauren Booth, sister-in-law of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, journalist and human rights activist will speak about her journey to Islam.  This event is free and open tot he public.  For more information on this event or to donate please click HERE

Event Coverage: Network of Religious Communities 33rd Annual Appreciation Dinner

The 33rd Annual Appreciation Dinner was hosted by the Network of Religious Communities last Thursday at the Hearthstone Manor banquet hall in Depew.  Not only was the room decorated with elegance and shine, it was filled with beautiful faces from all around the globe.  The appreciation dinner provided opportunities for congregations and religious organizations to honor persons from their own community who have given outstanding religious and community service.  READ MORE.

Blog Post: The Not-So-Perfect Wedding Ceremony by M. Fatima

Girls start dreaming about their perfect wedding from childhood. Using their Barbie and Ken dolls, they start creating fantasies of what their perfect day would be like.  By the time their big day does come around, they have all these years worth of planning to make it just perfect.  READ MORE.

Upcoming Events

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