WNYMuslims Mourns Victims of Taliban School Attack in Pakistan

WNYMuslims is deeply saddened by the news of today's school attack in Peshawar, Pakistan. It is being reported that members of the Taliban have killed at least 135 innocent people in the deadly siege, the majority of whom are children. Hospitals in the region are overflowing with casualties. Pakistani officials say the attack is now over, but security forces continue to search for bombs. The thoughts and prayers of our Editorial Board are with the families who have lost loved ones in this abhorrent attack, and we continue to pray for the recovery and safety of the survivors. 

As an organization, we condemn the violent acts of the Taliban, who have claimed responsibility for the attack. We consider their continual violent efforts to impede education and reform in Pakistan through the murder of innocents un-Islamic and inhumane. 

The crimes committed in Peshawar are the work of militants who are disconnected from reality and humanity; they do not follow the peaceful tenants of Islam. Islam irrefutably condemns and bans the killing, abuse, and oppression of the innocent in any form. We stand by the people of Pakistan in their continued struggle against Taliban forces.

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Anam Ahmed

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