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"Who, when disaster strikes them, say, "Indeed we belong to Allah , and indeed to Him we will return.""

Surat Al-Baqarah 2:156

We at WNYMuslims are saddened to announce the death of the mother of community member Wasif Khan, and mother-in-law of Dr. Chanda Sadiq. Mrs. Irshad Khan passed away early this Friday morning in her home. We send our utmost condolences and ask that the community pray for the Khan family in this time of need. 

WNYMuslims Now Hiring for Part-Time Managing Editor

WNYMuslims Now Hiring for Part-Time Managing Editor

Managing Editor Job Description

WNYMuslims is looking for a dynamic individual with exceptional organizational skills to join our team. The part-time position of Managing Editor is available immediately. WNYMuslims serves the Western New York community by creating awareness, encouraging diversity, and providing service. We empower Muslims and non-Muslims with the ...

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Video of The Week - 3-year-old Makes His Case for Cupcakes

 Listen as this adorable 3 year old makes his case for cupcakes! We think we see a future politician in little Mateo! "Linda, listen, listen to me!"

Watch here!

Featured Photograph of the Week

This week's feature is by SunSpin Creative Director Jerry Thres taken of two frozen trees isolated among the beautiful Buffalo Outer Harbor.

Jerry considers photography a hobby and is continuously looking for scenes to capture.  

If you have taken a photograph that you think should be featured, please send it in with a description of the shot, and a short bio of yourself to [email protected]