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Issue 124

Happy New Year! We hope this year brings you all much happiness, love, and good fortune!

-WNYMuslims Editorial Board

Our 2013 Year in Review!

WNYMuslims serves the Western New York community by creating awareness, encouraging diversity, and providing service. We empower Muslims and non-Muslims alike with the means to voice, connect, and contribute through creative media. In the past year, 2013, we were able to hold a few great events, serve our community, create a ton of videos, collaborate with amazing organizations and community members, grow our weekly e-newsletter to the community, and more.  So here's a small glimpse of what we did this year...See what we did HERE!

'Reviving the Islamic Spirit' 2013

 WNYMuslims had a chance to be a part of this year's 'Reviving the Islamic Spirit' convention in Toronto, Canada! With a special Media pass, we sent our photographer Mustafa Hussain out to capture the 3-day-long event! The convention welcomed renowned intellectual and Islamic speakers such as Hamza Yousef, Professor Tariq Ramadan, Imam Omar Suleiman, and much more, leaving the event as spiritual as it was exciting. We had the chance to sit down with Professor Tariq Ramadan for a special interview and will be working on sharing it soon! Look back for updates, but for now enjoy the 'RIS' album featuring all of the wonderful PICTURES of the event HERE!

Islam vs. Islam

Islam vs. Islam: Article by Bilal Qureshi 

Bismillah ir Rahman nir Raheem

Unfortunately there is a difference between the way we use the word “Islam” and the actual meaning behind it. Closely translated, “Islam” is an Arabic word which means “peaceful submission.” In context, it refers to... Read the Rest Online Here!!

HEAL International: Executive Director Position Available

HEAL International: Executive Director Position Available

HEAL International is a local nonprofit that provides services for refugees and immigrants in the West side. They currently, have a position open for Executive Director, to learn about what this position offers click here, or view the  below description.

Executive Director- HEAL International

 We invite applications for the position of Executive Director of Heal International...Read The Rest Online.

Featured Photograph of the Week

This week's feature is by veteran X-Ray technologist Gary Z, taken of the H.H. Richardson Complex which used to be known as the Buffalo State Asylum for the Insane.

"What a structure. I wish I could have snuck inside years ago when it just sat unattended," admits Gary, who considers photography a hobby.

If you have taken a photograph that you think should be featured, please send it in with a description of the shot, and a short bio of yourself to [email protected]