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Issue 86 

 Assalaam Alaikum! 

 What's going on?

  • Muslim Spotlight: Imam Nazim Mangera
  • SAMS Save Syrian Lives Campaign 
  • Blog Post: Al Jazeera: Read All About It by Phil Rico 
  • Press Release: Roses of The Prophet (PBUH)
  • Muslims in the Media
  • Upcoming Events
  • Recent Posts

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Muslim Spotlight: Imam Nazim Mangera 

We sat down with Imam Nazim Mangera as he spoke to us about his road to becoming a spiritual leader, life in Buffalo, and his new book '100 Inspirational Sayings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).  WATCH NOW!

SAMS Save Syrian Lives Campaign

The Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) has launched a campaign to help bring much needed medical equipment and services to the injured civilians of Syria.  SAMS has produced a documentary to illustrate just how great the need for humanitarian service is in Syria.  You can watch the documentary here.  To donate to SAMS please click here.

Blog Post: Al Jazeera: Read All About It 

by Phil Rico 

I was trained in traditional unbiased journalism, and had a subscription to the Wall Street Journal as a teenager.  I don't know what the WSJ is like under Rupert Murdoch these days, but at that time it featured high quality, in-depth journalism, and as a result I am a critical newspaper snob. >Read More.

Press Release: Roses of The Prophet (PBUH) 


WNYMuslims Community Outreach Event to Raise Awareness of Islam  
WNYMuslims will be hosting an event on Wednesday April 3rd titled