WNYMuslims Arrives at ICNA 2013

WNYMuslims had the chance to introduce ourselves to the lovely Rochester community this past Saturday at the first ever ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America) Islamic Convention in Rochester. We were excited to meet many great Muslims who agreed with the mission of WNYMuslims and showed their support! Volunteers had the chance to listen to some of the great speakers as well, including WNYMuslims founder Professor Faizan Haq who spoke on 'How To Be Relevant'. Look out for the video to be released soon, for now enjoy some of the great photos HERE!

People Don't Like it When I Curse

Growing up in America as an Arab-American Muslim girl, I never really saw myself as any different from the rest of the gang. I knew I had restrictions from an early age, such as no excess or inappropriate interaction with boys, no pork, no revealing clothing etc., but as a kid these didn’t really strike me as things of consequence. I dressed modestly, tried my best to limit my excess talking with peers of any gender for that matter (I was the kid who received ‘A’s’ but had the worst teacher comments on her report card due to talking and hyperactivity), and I never really cared for the repulsive smell of pork anyways. (Funny that I should become a vegetarian years later). To put it shortly, being Muslim wasn’t ‘hard’ or ‘different’ to me, I didn’t view myself as abstract. Even with the headscarf or rather hijab, which I began wearing at a very young age. READ MORE.

Video: Tutorial - Posting Events on

WNYMuslims works to empower both Muslims and non-Muslims to voice and connect.  As part of our efforts to fulfill this aspect of our mission, we provide the public with a space in which to do this on our website at  We encourage community members to post their events and announcements on and we have produced this video tutorial to make it as easy as possible.  Click HERE to watch the tutorial and get started! 

WNYMuslims 2nd Annual Winter Drive

WNYMuslims is proud to announce it's 2nd annual winter drive! After an extremely successful drive last year, WNYMuslims is hoping to recreate our success with VIVE, Inc., an organization which opens its doors to refugees in need. VIVE Inc.  is a very humble organization which provides refugees with shelter, food, clothing, services and more.  We are also accepting monetary donations online Here! For Drop-off locations and event details click HERE!

Email us at if you would like to get involved or sponsor this year's drive!

Featured Photograph of the Week

This week’s feature is by WNYMuslims’ photographer Mustafa Hussain, taken of a beautiful blue summer’s sky in the open country side.  Mustafa is a student studying Psychology at the University at Buffalo with a serious passion for photography. As photographer for both his University's student association and WNYMuslims, Mustafa hopes his experiences will assist him in his ambitions of becoming a conflict photojournalist one day.

If you have taken a photograph that you think should be featured, please send it in with a description of the shot, and a short bio of yourself to

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