WNYMuslims 2nd Annual Winter Drive

WNYMuslims is proud to announce it's 2nd annual winter drive! After an extremely successful drive last year, WNYMuslims is hoping to recreate our success with Vive la Casa, an organization which opens its doors to refugees in need. Vive la Casa is a very humble organization which provides refugees with shelter, food, clothing, services and more. They are in dire need of winter jackets and winter accessories such as gloves, hats, boots, sweaters, scarves, blankets and more. Give back this cold winter by assisting WNYMuslims in donating these items to the many refugees in need! We are also accepting monetary donations online Here!

Drop Off Location:

Vive, Inc.
50 Wyoming Ave
Buffalo, NY 14215 USA
Phone: 716-892-4354

Stay tuned for further details!

Email us at if you would like to get involved or sponsor this year's drive!

The Journey of Hajj- "An Amazing Experience"

Local community member, sister Neelum Rana, shares with WNYMuslims the feelings she had throughout her beautiful journey of Hajj.

"Once you come back, it's hard to put into words the feelings that you get once you're there."

Hajj is the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, and one of the five pillrs of Islam. Hajj is a beautiful religious duty which must be carried out by every able-bodied Muslim who can afford to do so at least once in his or her lifetime. Watch The Video Here! Donation Page Now Live!

WNYMuslims is dedicated to creating opportunities for people of all faiths and backgrounds to express themselves through media. To make this dream a reality, WNYMuslims relies on the generous support of the community. Your contribution will help WNYMuslims produce new and exciting content and participate in local events such as our upcoming 2nd Annual Winter Drive and short films. READ MORE.

'Shoe Thief' Short Film- Behind The Scenes

Shoe Thief is a short film project that will address the issue of poverty within the community. In The Shoe Thief, the homeless aren’t waiting for your charity; they take what they need and only what they need from unsuspecting people. Unfortunately for best friends Arman and Indie, that means their shoes right from under their feet (sorta). READ MORE.

To view photos from the first shoot CLICK HERE.

Featured Photograph of the Week

This week's feature is by SunSpin Media intern Daryl, taken of a beautiful baby girl named Sara who happens to be a refugee living at Vive la Casa. Donate to our 2nd annual winter drive today to help baby Sara and other refugees in need!

If you have taken a photograph that you think should be featured, please send it in with a description of the shot, and a short bio of yourself to