What's Going On?

October National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We would like to recognize and honor all those men & women who have beat  or are currently battling breast cancer. Also those who work tirelessly to find a cure and raise awareness for this cause.

Facts About Breast Cancer In The United States :


  • One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime
  • Breast Cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women
  • Breast Cancer is the second leading cause of death among women

Read more on the causes, growth, & how you can make a difference by clicking HERE.

WNYMuslims Speaks to Channel 4 Regarding Kenyan Shooting              

WNYMuslims speaks to Channel 4 news, condemning the horrific Kenyan mall shootings that took place in Nairobi's Westgate Mall. Watch Here!

From our Press Release:

"As an organization we condemn the violent acts of Al Shabab, the militant group which has taken responsibility for the attack. We consider this horrific scene, which has claimed nearly seventy lives and injured hundreds more, un-Islamic and inhumane.

These crimes are the work of extremists who are disconnected from reality, humanity, and do not follow the peaceful tenants of Islam. Islam is a religion that irrefutably condemns and bans the killing, abuse, and oppression of the innocent in any form. With these acts and with the mentality of hate, Al Shabab has torn apart the lives of so many, and has stained and mutilated the image of 'Muslims' everywhere."

Registering on the NEW WNYMuslims.org

As you all may know, WNYMuslims was ecstatic to launch our sleek and easy-to-use NEW WNYMuslims.org website last month, and have been encouraging community members and the world to engage with us via the site ever since!

We encourage visitors to use our new website to get connected, learn about upcoming events in the community, check out our media, read our blogs, and more! Register for free today!

If you were a member of the old WNY Muslims website,
you will have to re-register your username and e-mail.

ISNF Weekly Announcements 

1. The evening Arabic classes for both boys and girls have resumed. We have excellent teachers for both boys and girls. For boys the classes are from Monday to Thursday and for girls from Tuesday to Thursday between 5:30PM  - 7:00PM. Please register with the respective teachers. Qari Hasan is teaching the boys while Sr. Lubna and Sr. Henna are teaching the girls.

2. Tree planting for ISNF has been completed but only 17 trees have been sponsored and we are still waiting for another 10 to be sponsored at $200 each. Please donate as a family tree. May Allah reward all those who have taken part in this venture.

Read more by clicking HERE.

Featured Photograph of the Week

This week's photo is from WNYMuslims' very own Director of Outreach Hafsah Afzal. She took this gem of "the waterfall and trees is from Juneau, Alaska from the 2013 IMANA Cruise."

Hafsah's passions include serving the community and making a positive difference in other people's lives. She considers photography a side hobby.

If you have taken a photograph that you think should be featured, please send it in with a description of the shot, and a little bio of yourself to WNYMuslims@WNYMuslims.org

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