4th Annual U.S. PAK Foundation Youth Conference

 The U.S. PAK Foundation's 4th annual Youth Leadership Conference will be held from June 22nd -25th 2013 at American University, Washington DC.  The conference is designed to develop the Leadership skills of high school and college students.  In a campus setting students will participate in tutorials, workshops, and hands-on training to acquire networking, public speaking, resume writing, and interviewing skills during the four days of the conference.  Students will also have the opportunity to visit various Government Offices and monuments in Washington DC.  Registration is now open, click HERE for more information.  Watch a video from last years conference HERE.

Capturing History- Dr.Ismet Hallac

"In Turkey I was a big shot, I was one of three neurosurgeons for 45 million people so any place you go people knew me. Then a problem started, I was being looked at as a foreigner ..." Watch Here 

WNYMuslims had the chance to sit down with Dr. Ismet Hallac as a part of our new 'Capturing History' series in which we interview elder members of the community who have been a part of WNY for many years. Listen to his journey!

If you or someone you know would make a good subject for Capturing History, please feel free to contact WNY Muslims by emailing us at [email protected] or calling us at (716) 923-4386. We are interested in those who have lived here for many years and have contributed to the community.

The Plight of the Minority; Native Americans

An article series by Tariq Ahmed

This series hopes to explore stories of other minorities, their persecution and assimilation in American society. As Muslims struggle to find an identity today, minorities in past went through a similar struggle of maintaining their religion and culture. They faced their own unique challenges and had to challenge stereotypes. Their story of overcoming obstacles will provide valuable lessons for the Muslim community today. 

"As one of the newest minority groups in America, Muslims rarely explore the struggles and the history of the Native Americans." READ MORE

Donations Needed for Project Ramadan

After a very successful Iftaar Basket drive last year, Project Ramadan is back! Donations are needed to help make Iftaar baskets for the less fortunate this Ramadan, so please give whatever you can!

Donations will be received up until July 1st. Volunteering for the Basket Making will be July 8th! Help is greatly appreciated, and all are welcome to come!

For more information please contact Sister Sahar Siam at 716-445-7028

The Moment Lauren Booth Considered Islam for Herself

WNYMuslims had the chance to sit down with journalist and Palestinian activist Lauren Booth during her visit to WNY for a Muslim Legal Fund of America (MLFA) fundraiser. Hear her talk about the critical moment that led to her to Islam.

Contact WNYMuslims via email if interested in purchasing a DVD of Lauren Booth's interview and speech in its entirety.

Email to WNYMuslims from Sister Lauren Booth :

"Can't wait to see what you are able to come up with. The teasers you made are great quality mashaAllah! Salams and duas -Lauren" 

Announcement: Call for Action Committee Members 

WNYMuslims is in the process of forming an Action Committee made up of local community members and volunteers to help our organization grow and better provide resources and services to our community.  We are looking for passionate, dedicated individuals who care about our mission and vision to join our team.   The committee will meet bi-monthly and members will assist the WNYMuslims editorial board in the planning and execution of events, marketing, recruiting volunteers, raising funds, and other activities.  If you are interested in becoming involved in WNYMuslims please email us at [email protected] or call us at (716) 923-4386!  

SunSpin Media Summer Workshops

Our wonderful friends at SunSpin Media are holding a series of fantastic summer workshops that can be found HERE.  These are a great opportunity for youth and adults to learn photography, videography, animation and creative writing.  Check them out and learn something new this summer!

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