Roses of the Prophets

WNYMuslims invites community members to help us spread interfaith unity and tolerance by volunteering or stopping by either the Galleria Mall on October 12th or the University at Buffalo Student Union on October 13th to participate in our annual Roses of the Prophets event. We also encourage Muslims in other parts of the nation and the world to join the movement and host one of these events in his or her community.    

WNYMuslims will be hosting an event on Sunday October 12th and Monday October 13th titled “Roses of The Prophets.”  The event will take place at the Lower Level of the Walden Galleria Mall, in front of Williams Sonoma on Sunday from 2pm to 4pm and at the University at Buffalo North Campus Student Union on Monday, from 12pm to 2 pm.  We will be distributing hundreds of roses, along with inspirational quotes from the Prophets Muhammad, Jesus and Moses (peace be upon them) to community members.

This is our second year hosting this event, and it has been showcased throughout the world in Canada, the UK, Norway, and the United States. Last year, we gave out over 500 roses in Downtown Buffalo, University at Buffalo, and numerous nursing homes within the community. This year, we have expanded upon its initial concept of quoting Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) to include quotes from the Prophets Jesus and Moses (peace be upon them) as well, in order to promote interfaith unity and tolerance. It is our hope that this gesture continues to be a peaceful and subtle attempt to help change how Muslims are viewed, since they are often misrepresented in the mainstream media.

It is WNYMuslims’ mission to encourage diversity and to help spread awareness about the true nature of Islam both within and beyond the local community through the use of media.  It is vital now more than ever for the community to come together in an effort to discourage discrimination, stereotypes, and hateful crimes.  

WNYMuslims Roses of The Prophets
October 12th, 2pm– 4pm
Walden Galleria
In front of Williams Sonoma - Lower Level
1 Walden Galleria
 Cheektowaga, NY 14225

October 13th, 12pm - 2pm
University at Buffalo
North Campus Student Union
200 Lee Road
Buffalo, NY 14228

About WNYMuslims

WNYMuslims is a community based organization that serves Western New York by creating awareness, encouraging diversity, and providing service. Our mission is to empower Muslims and non-Muslims to voice, connect, and contribute by utilizing creative media.


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