Video Testimonials

WNY Muslims has been welcoming Interns for several years. Interns and volunteers have played an integral role in helping the organization and have taken away rich experiences with them.

Ahmed Nieves has been an active intern at WNY Muslims working as an Event Coverage Specialist and explains how his experience at WNY Muslims has been beneficial for him and the community.

Alina Sheikh has worked with WNY Muslims as Engagement Editor. Alina shares a variety of her experiences as an intern at WNY Muslims.

Jason has been working as an intern as a Research Analyst with us at WNY Muslims. Jason explains how many different things that he has learned in his internship here.

Waleed Malik worked with WNY Muslims as an Intern in the Spring of 2015. Waleed Malik has also participated in Studio Kalam events and in other WNY Muslims Project.