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University at Rochester-“Hijabi for a Day!”

By: Ameera Afzal

As you all are aware of, local universities across the globe are participating in ‘Islam Awareness Week’ in hopes to raise  awareness of the religion in a positive manner.  Each year, University at Rochester’s Muslim Students Association (MSA) designates a week for Islam Awareness on campus and this year the event took place on April 6th.  One of the events this year “Hijabi for a Day”, inspired by “World Hijab Day” that took place, Tuesday February 1, 2015.  This event allowed females on campus students, faculty, and staff to experience what it is like to wear the hijab for a day; or for males to wear a support pin to demonstrate their solidarity.

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That evening they had invited two guest speakers from WNYMuslims- Julie Boody & Hafsah Afzal to give a short talk and conduct an information session about the significance of the Hijab in Islam.  Their talks included topics such as why they wore the hijab, the meaning of hijab, how the concept of modesty stands in todays society and the importance of empowering women around the world through inner beauty/soul rather than outward appearance.   The speeches were followed with a question & answering session and a chance for all the audience to come try on the hijab and  wear  their support pins.  For more information about the Rochester University-Muslim Student Association, please click here.

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