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Contribute To “The Sacred Prism,” A New Interfaith Blogzine!

A new interfaith blogzine called The Sacred Prism will soon be available online. If you, or someone you know might be interested in contributing to it, read on!

The editors welcome contributions of art, photography, video, music, poetry, short stories, essays, and scholarly articles (etc) that relate to the theme of the month. They welcome all work that is pro-community, respectful of difference, non-judgmental and egalitarian in nature.

Guidelines for submissions. PLEASE FOLLOW CAREFULLY for full consideration:

1) All submissions must be made via email to:

2) Please submit all texts in English as either.pdf or WORD docs (as attachments, not in the body of the email). Please limit all text to an average of one printed page of text. Long pieces may be denied or returned with requests to abbreviate

3) Photographs and artwork are accepted as attachments in .jpg or .pdf or .png format. Other format options may be available – please contact with proposal

4) Videos are accepted as attachments in a variety of formats – please contact with proposal.

5) Recordings must be submitted as attachments in mp3 format only. Please limit recording length to a maximum of 7 minutes

6) Only one submission per person per month, please

*if we cannot use your submission for this month, we may consider it for future issues – in such cases we will only use your work in future issues upon your approval

7) Each submission must include your name (as you would like it to appear in print), your location (city and country, or country only), a very brief description of your spiritual/religious path, and a short (3-sentence maximum) biographical statement that shares something about you, your motivations and aspirations etc.

8) You may request that your contribution be published as ANONYMOUS. Please indicate this in the submission email AND in the ownership verification statement (see #9, below). In such case, we require your name for our records but we will publish only biographical and location details.

9) Every artist selected for inclusion in the issue will be emailed notification, which will include a request to verify authenticity and your copyright ownership of all work. Submitter must hold sole copyright as creator of the work (or provide waivers from all contributors). WE CANNOT ACCEPT work for which you do not hold the sole ownership. If your work is selected, we will issue a statement confirming that we will use the work only on the blogzine The Sacred Prism and that you will retain all ownership rights. If you would like your work to be published as anonymous, please indicate this along with your ownership verification statement.

10) We reserve the right to edit all entries for spelling and grammar. We do not seek to edit for content, style, or length. Please keep all text under about 1000 words in length.

11) We are currently unable to pay for your work. We will seek to publicize the blogzine issues and invite you to share with all interested groups and individuals.

12) The Sacred Prism editors reserve the right to approve or deny submissions at their own discretion, or to return submission with suggested edits.

13) We will NOT share your contact information with anyone without your express written consent.

The first issue is to be published on the site in September 2014!

The theme for this first issue will be BRIDGES. You will be able to find it at

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