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"Sharing Their Culture with Others"

By Joyce Adiges

tape in hair extenstions


On Friday November 18, 2011, the Palestinians celebrated their culture at the International Institute. The celebration consisted of traditional dances, tea serving, and a

There was also a wedding dress for ceremony, whereby the groom comes in first and they dance. After a few minutes the bride comes in and they also dance around her. Then she is showered with gifts known as dowry. To them dowry is used to buy things for the bride in order for her to leave from her parents house. She is showered with gold from 19 karats to 24 karats, but the groom gets nothing but the bride. After the ceremony there’s a fragrance that is spread around the room, this is to congratulate the bride and groom, also to bless the guests. It was a great and eventful night. marriage ceremony demonstration. There were different dances for every occasion, and they were able to show the audiences and allow the audience to also take part as well. One of the dances consisted of stepping and jumping. They showed how to serve coffee. Their coffee is served without sugar and it is not as thick.  The cup is on the left and the mug is on the right hand. With the tea, one is served with dates. Dates are the first thing they eat after a long day of fasting.

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