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"Seerah of the Prophet(PBUH)-Family Night"

Date of Event: February 23, 2013

Written By: Muslimah

“We did not send you as a Prophet except out of compassion for everything or We did not send you as A Prophet except to be an embodiment of compassion for everything.”
[Quran: 21:107] 100 Inspirational Sayings by Nazim Mangera

Where to begin? Kind treatment of Non-Muslims, taking care of daughters & parents, husband & wife relationship, animal rights, importance of knowledge, being just and merciful towards all of mankind. This event was mer

ely an introduction to our Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). It highlighted what our community longed for.

Saturday, February 23rd from 6:30pm-8:30pm was the ‘Seerah of the Prophet’ night. What I saw was diversity among all Muslim brothers and sisters. Smiles, laughter’s, and family values brightened the banquet hall at ISNF from all colors of Islam. Children ran around in joy playing with their young brothers and sisters. Fathers brought their young to seek knowledge & increase awareness of their Islamic beliefs. Mothers came with their infants to surround them with nothing else but the beautiful recitations of Quran(Final Revelation), Nasheeds(Islamic poetry that is sung), and Dhikhr(remembrance of Allah). Youth brought their friends and fellow high school/college students to strengthen their iman(faith) and strive to stay on the path of righteousness while balancing goals of duniya(present life) and akhirah(hereafter).

“Verily! Only in the remembrance of Allah[God Almighty] your heart will find peace.”
[Quran: 13:29]

Buffalo, NY is home to so many Muslim/NonMuslim unique individuals. Mothers, fathers, lawyers, teachers, business professionals, doctors, community leaders, engineers, and students. How about we all share our talents and strengths with our fellow neighbors and work on character building and incorporating the ways of the Prophets into our lives? Our guest speakers Hafidh Usman Siddiqui, Imam Nazim Mangera, Professor Faizan Haq, Brother Ghous Yasin, and all the amazing children who participated in the nasheeds all conveyed one universal message about the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)-LOVE.

Remember that Islam is not about, “We are better than you.” Islam is about “Let me show you somet

hing, that is better for you”. So please brothers & sisters remember if your heart is with Allah, no one will break it, but if you leave it at the hands of this duniya (life) you will be broken to pieces.

Forgiveness might make us look weak, but for Allah the weakest person is one who builds hatred

and anger. So to end my first blog dear brothers & sisters- recall that the spots of perfume may disappear, but it’s fragrance remains. So too does a good deed disappear, but it’s effects remain. Moral of the event-begin to preach to others by our good manners. If the good manners (ikhlaq) are absent, let’s start with improving our selves in the eyes of Allah (SWT) and our homes (parents, siblings, relatives) first; then everything else will fall into place inshAllah.

“And He found you lost and guided [you]”

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