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WNYMuslims speaks to Channel 4 news, condemning the horrific Kenyan mall shootings that took place in Nairobi’s Westgate Mall.

From our Press Release:

“As an organization we condemn the violent acts of Al Shabab, the militant group which has taken responsibility for the attack. We consider this horrific scene, which has claimed nearly seventy lives and injured hundreds more, un-Islamic and inhumane.

These crimes are the work of extremists who are disconnected from reality, humanity, and do not follow the peaceful tenants of Islam. Islam is a religion that irrefutably condemns and bans the killing, abuse, and oppression of the innocent in any form. With these acts and with the mentality of hate, Al Shabab has torn apart the lives of so many, and has stained and mutilated the image of ‘Muslims’ everywhere.”