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My Thoughts On the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

by Amber Shaikh10532336_444255212382682_6445157357070273870_n

It’s disheartening to read people’s comments excusing Israel regime’s crimes against humanity. I am certainly not pro-Hamas, since the murdering of innocents is legally and morally wrong, but let’s be fair and not cheer on Israel for killing over a thousand civilians (in only 19 days) either.

There is too much documented proof showing innocent children being targeted on the beach and elsewhere to use the “Hamas is using kids as shields” excuse. Gaza is a densely populated 25 mile strip land with over a million Palestinians so Israel is well aware that mostly civilians will die.You can’t compare a well-armed and well-funded country like Israel to a poor village like Gaza, which has no army and has been suffering for almost 60 years with limited goods coming in. They have nothing that can help them make a bomb shelter to defend themselves. You can’t compare cheap, homemade fireworks to bombs and chemical weapons which have been used on Palestinian kids burning them alive. Gazans are living in an open air prison with nowhere to go since there are blockades and they are being forced to leave their own homes. Only a few are given a minute’s warning to evacuate their homes but where will they go?

There have been 50 UN resolutions against Israel but they haven’t been enforced. Most of the world is condemning this “legalized” terrorism committed by the Israeli regime but sadly no action has been taken. Three thousands Israelis have been protesting against their own government but the elite doesn’t seem to care. It’s hypocritical for Israeli leaders to blame Hamas for firing rockets when they are doing 20 times more damage to Gaza and provoking possibly more attacks from Hamas which could hurt their own citizens. People claim that “Palestinians deserve it for electing Hamas”. That’s the same excuse Osama Bin Laden used to kill civilians in World Trade Center. Our own leaders have been responsible for killing many civilians in foreign countries which most of us disapprove of even though we elected them. Does this mean we all deserve to be collectively punished?

Please keep in mind that much damage had been done even before Hamas fired rockets: by Israeli settlers illegally occupying Palestinian land and kicking people out of their own homes, along with abusing, imprisoning, enslaving, and murdering Palestinians. What Israel is doing is not defense, it’s ethnic cleansing and there’s too much documented proof to claim otherwise. Also, Hamas was not responsible for killing the three Israeli teens which had caused so much havoc in Gaza earlier on. There is also no proof that rockets were fired from schools hospitals, etc. but there is proof, however, that there were civilians there. Instead Hamas is being used as an excuse to kill more Palestinians and invade Gaza.

Many religious rabbis are against this genocide because they remember what their ancestors went through in the holocaust. Hitler used the same “defense” excuse to kill 6 million Jews. 10,000 rabbis protested against Zionists’ treatment of Palestinians in Manhattan last year but there was no media coverage. Media is biased and there is no condemnation from a single person in Congress either. Where is the humanity? Are people afraid they will lose funding from Zionist extremists? Will people open their eyes and realize that humanity is more important than being an apologist for the Israel regime? Are people afraid of being called anti-semitic if they protest against Israel’s vicious policies? Let’s remember that Arabs are semites too and most importantly, they are humans too.

This article has since been published by the Buffalo News under the title “Another Voice: The world looks away as Israel brutalizes innocent Gazans .” It can be found at

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