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Muslim Foster Care/Adoption: An Open Letter from Karema Atassi

Salamualaykum WNY,

I am writing to urge any individuals in our community to step up and save the deen of our ummah’s children.
We have an issue in our community, as in most communities, and that is that Muslim children are being placed in Non-Muslim foster care/adoption homes due to the lack of licensed Muslim homes.
Imagine this, imagine (God Forbid) a day comes and you get sick, you are unable to care for your children, you have no family here able to care for them as well. Allah swt has put you in a position where you have to put your children in a foster home for some time or even worse you are forced to put them up for adoption. Wouldn’t you rest knowing they were placed with fellow Muslims? Wouldn’t you cry everyday if there were no Muslim families and their faith may have to be sacrificed?
Mothers going through this cry everyday, “if only my children were with Muslims!”

Brothers and Sisters we have an obligation.

What you can do:
1) Raise awareness of this ongoing issue.
2) Encourage friends and families to become licensed.
3) Take action yourself and become a Muslim fost/adopt home for our local community. Other communities (specifically large ones) do have groups of Muslims licensed to save children, however, our community is lacking and we need individuals to step up.

There is one local agency calling all Muslims to become licensed through Erie County and register with their agency. They are in need of Muslim families to place their Muslim children. They want to match up faith but cannot because they are not finding Muslim homes. If you wish to be one of these local heros, you can start by attending a 10 week training, every Tuesday night, through their agency beginning September 16th. To take this step, please contact the Sarah Minnie Badger Foster Care Agency in Buffalo. They will assist you every step of the way. Yes, we can’t save the world, and yes, we can’t help the pain of every crying mother but at least we can do something locally and perhaps save the deen of just one child at a time here in WNY.
This one child can be your own intercession in the Akhirah.

For further information or if you have questions you may respond back to this email. Please spread this letter to any list serves and networks, let it go viral!!

Together we can raise awareness and together we can make a difference.

-Karema Atassi

For more information about the Sarah Minnie Badger Foster Care Agency or how to become a foster parent, click HERE.

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