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Muslim Family Day At Darien Lake

By Areez A.
Edited by Anam A.

Muslim Family Day at Darien Lake amusement park took place a few weeks after Eid, on Saturday, August 30th. The event takes plaMuslim-Family-Day-Darien-Lake_20140829_0029ce every year and encourages Muslims to have fun with family and friends by offering them tickets at half price all day.

My friends and I went to Muslim Family Day. We made sure we got there early so that there were no lines. All the rides were so much fun that we probably went on every ride at least 3 times.

Also, the event had Halal food stands, so Muslims didn’t have to worry about whether they were able to eat the food or not. Some people were so happy about this that they ate over 5 hot dogs and a ton of naan. There was also a special place for Muslims to pray, so they didn’t  have to be afraid of missing namaz (prayer), or worry about having to go home to pray – they could just pray in the park.

OveralMuslim-Family-Day-Darien-Lake_20140829_0007l, I had a lot of fun, and it looked like everyone else did too.

To see more photos from this event, click HERE.

To see a video of  a past Muslim Family Day click HERE.


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