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Is This How You Show Your Love For Islam?

There is so much that is bad in this world. There seems to be more evil in this day and age than there was ever in the past.

Yes, people were killed and tortured in the name of religion before as well and yes there were rulers like Firaoun (Pharaoh) who were famous for their cruelty, but even in those days you would hear stories of tolerance and piety.

Maybe its just me, but there are very few true examples of goodness in the news these days, especially when the news is about Muslims. The recent attacks on Christian minority in Lahore and the bombing in the Shia district in Karachi are all proofs of how intolerant Muslims have become.

What sort of love for Islam are these people trying to show? I guess it’s the same “show of love for Islam” those people were showing who shot Malala Yousafzai just because she was fighting for the rights that Islam already gives women.

I call this lack of education…. lack of Islamic education to be exact.

If you have been brought up as a Muslim, you have most likely heard the stories of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (sallal laho alaihi wasallam). Stories about the tolerance and patience of the same Prophet (sallal laho alaihi wasallam) who, when insulted in cartoons or a movie, enrages Muslims so much that they can’t help but burn cars and kill innocent people. We all get angry when we hear our religion being insulted, even those of us who are not particular about the obligatory five daily prayers and are not very practising Muslims. Our bloods boil if someone insults our religion or our Prophet (sallal laho alaihi wasallam). But what is the right way to deal with something like that?

This is the time to see what Islam says about all this. The first thing is to deal with our emotion. What does Islam say about anger itself?

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