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World Hijab Day 2021

This year World Hijab Day (WHD) entered in its 9 successful years. On February 1st of every year, World Hijab Day Organization asks global citizens of all faiths and backgrounds to wear the Hijab (head-covering) for a day in solidarity with Muslim women worldwide. The tag line for World Hijab Day 2021 is, “Don’t let our pride be your prejudice” with the hashtag #EndHijabophobia.

WNYMuslims has been celebrating WHD consistently every year, however this year due to COVID-19 situation, we couldn’t celebrate the event with the same fervor and enthusiasm but we standby the mission of WHD, to create a more peaceful world where global citizens respect each other and to fight bigotry, discrimination, and prejudice against Muslim women. WHD aims to promote awareness especially in these crucial times where Hijab is being banned in some countries while in other countries, Muslim women are being targeted and harassed verbally and physically.

WHD focuses to eliminate the negative perception on hijab allowed people to act upon their fears and hurt innocent women.  WHD simply presented an opportunity for everyone to learn about hijab and its importance in the Islamic faith without perpetuating the negative generalizations in today’s society.