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WNYMuslims’ Vive Refugee Volunteer Day!

23 Jan 2014 | 10:00 am - 04:30 pm
Place : 50 Wyoming Avenue Buffalo, NY 14215

WNYMuslims is proud to invite everyone to our Vive La Casa Refugee Volunteer day!!

We hope to conclude our 2nd Annual Winter Drive, in which so many of you donated warm winter clothing and accessories for the Vive Refugee families, by spending a day with us helping Vive!

What we need? Volunteers! Supplies!

We need volunteers like yourself to come out and help us with the following:

1) Organizing the Clothing Donation room
**This is in dire need. It is a very large job which needs many volunteers.**

2) Playing/Entertaining the Refugee Children
**We need volunteers who can help entertain the children! We need games and activities! Maybe Balloons? Face Paint? Be creative, tell us your ideas!**

3) Helping Prepare Food in the kitchen
**The kitchen is always in need. Volunteers are invited to share Lunch with the Refugees at 12:30-1pm. For those who wish to stay, Dinner is at 5pm!**

We need the following Supplies/Donations:





**(Preferably Halal and/or Preferably lamb, beef, or goat. Vive receives their meat from the Food Bank so the many Muslim refugees are not able to have Halal meat. Also the food bank usually only has chicken or turkey…it would be nice if they received meat other than that.)**

-Monetary Funds/Donations
**We need to be able to purchase supplies for organizing the donation room which is in dire need of shelves/hangers/ etc. Vive is also always in dire need of funds.**

Please spread the word and join us!

Please contact us via message, email, or phone if you need more info!