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Prayer For Kashmir

Time to ponder on what’s going on!

Express your solidarity towards our suffering Kashmiri brethren of the Indian occupied Kashmir, in the hands of the Indian government by joining us at

Organized by:
Buffalo Muslim Community Service and
Muslim Student Association of UB

It is being held to acknowledge that our community of WNY is united and standing firm against the brutalities of the Indian rule, and praying from the bottom of our hearts for our oppressed brothers and sisters.
We strongly believe that through protests, possibilities of change may emerge and our voices may become the cries of silent Kashmiris, who demand freedom and their right of self-determination, due to which they are facing Indian atrocities for the past seventy years. The cost of that occupation is not only paid by Kashmiri lives, but also the ordinary people in India who are being held hostage to the rhetoric of nationalism.
We request the community of WNY to join us:

Niagara Square

In front of City Hall,Buffalo, NY 

Friday, October 11th, 2019 at 3:30 PM


In our small effort with the hope that our voices might be heard if not by the so-called Pharaohs of today but by God Almighty.