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Meeting with the US Senate, Regional Director WNY, Becca Castaneda


BUFFALO, AMHERST, NY. On Tuesday, November 12, Rebecca Castaneda, Regional Director WNY, US Senate visited our office to learn about WNYMuslims and to discuss the services being provided by us in the area.


  1. Rebecca Castaneda, US Senate, Regional Director WNY,

  2. Prof. Faizan Haq, Founding President WNYMuslims

  3. Riffat Sadiq, MD, WNYMedical

  4. Ms.Farina Mirza, Community Outreach Coordinator, WNYMuslims

  5. Ms. Sana Iqbal, Government Affairs Coordinator, WNYMuslims

  6. Mr. M. Yunus, Community Member

The meeting started with a brief introduction of the attendees starting from the guest followed by a brief presentation about WNYMuslims by Prof. Faizan. Proceeding further with the meeting Dr. Sadiq elaborated on the prevailing health issues in the area and how WNYMedical is serving the community of WNY. Later on, Ms. Mirza spoke about the community events being organized, periodically by WNYMuslims and their increasing popularity. Ms. Sana Iqbal, spoke about the services being offered by WNYMuslims for the Muslim youth.
We would like to thank Ms. Becca from the bottom of our hearts for sparing time and giving us an ear to discuss the present state of Muslims in the area. We hope that our concerns will be notified to the relevant departments so that we can serve better to the community and will get the same response from the Senate office in the future as well.