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Human Trafficking and the Safe Harbor Act: Prevention, Identification and Intervention for Our Youth

10 Sep 2014 | 12:00 pm - 02:00 pm
Place : Erie County Supreme Court 92 Franklin St Buffalo, NY 14202
Cost : Free
Phone : 716‐845‐2753
Email :

This is a training session that will address:

• Definitions of Human Trafficking
• Definitions of Safe Harbor Act for Exploited Children
• Immigration issues related to Safe Harbor Act and Trafficking Victims Protection Act
• Indicators of Human Trafficking of Minors
• Trauma bonds and ambivalence in leaving trafficker
• Safe Harbor in action (conversion to PINS, services instead of detention, housing challenges and


An often invisible problem

According to The National Human Trafficking Resource Center, there has been an increase in potential cases of human trafficking for all ages from 1,016 in 2008 to 3,445 in 2012. Due to under‐reporting, misidentification and a lack of awareness of trafficking, it is widely believed the actual numbers are much higher.

Did you know that of identified victims:
• 84.3% are female
• 44.97 % are U.S. citizens
• 314 cases were involved with the child welfare system, 35 of which involved children in foster
• Of those 314 cases, 49 involved allegations of being trafficked by a parent/guardian and 10,
being trafficked by a foster parent
• Roughly 45% of youth involved in trafficking got into the ‘business’ through friends
• 70% of youth said they’d sought assistance at a youth‐service agency at least once

What about Erie County?

o In the past 6 months, 9 youth have been identified as trafficked youth by the International
Institute of Buffalo.
o In each case the trafficking began before the youth/family came to the attention of local agencies
for “unrelated needs.”
o In each case the trafficking continued while under the supervision and support of local agencies
prior to identification of the trafficking.
o The challenge was the same: misidentification the youth’s presenting needs.


The training session will take place at the Erie County Supreme Court. It will be moderated by Theresa Lorenzo, Esq., Legal Aid Bureau of Buffalo, Attorney for Children Unit.  The presenters will be Tara S. Hughes, LCSW‐R, Project Director at  Trafficked Youth at the International Institute of Buffalo, and Emma Buckthal, J.D., from the Volunteer Lawyers Project.
Registration begins at noon, and training will promptly begin at 12:15pm. A brown bag lunch can be brought if desired.

Click HERE to register.

FOR MORE INFORMATION contact Aimee L. Neri, LMSW, NYS Child Welfare Court Improvement Project Liaison at or 716‐845‐2753