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Greetings from WNYMuslims

We would like to congratulate President Joe Biden on becoming the 46th president of the USA. Our best wishes are with him and his whole team. We pray that he brings a positive change through his democratic approach of governance and continue to draw strength from the par excellence political, ethical, and diversified non-discriminatory values that have inspired not only the nation but the whole world since its founding. We hope that his decisions will be guided by a concern to build a society marked by authentic justice and freedom, accompanied by the unwavering respect for human rights, and becomes the voice of the poor and the vulnerable. May his voice and efforts to foster peace, prosperity, and common good within the country and among the nations of the world be guided by his prudent wisdom and divine truth and take effective steps for the swift eradication of the prevailing pandemic and the other undergoing crises. Aameen.
Our doors are always open, and it will be our pleasure if we can be of any help in any capacity.  Stay blessed.