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At Mosques

Events at the different mosques of Western New York.

Islamic Society of Niagara Frontier

Masjid An-Noor

745 Heim Road, Getzville NY 14068
(716) 568-1013


Re-opening of Masajid &
Jumma’ prayer Mandatory Registration

Masjid An-Noor & At-Taqwa are open for daily prayers at 25% capacity for Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Magrib, Isha and Jumu’ah prayers with specific restrictions that are in compliance with the guidelines from CDC and ISNF reopening committee for the safety of the community members.

Gov. Cuomo announced on Saturday, June 6th, 2020 that houses of worship can open at 25% capacity starting immediately for New York State regions in Phase Two of reopening. Those attending services should still take precautions to follow social distancing.

Masjid An-Noor at 25% capacity: 90 people
Masjid At-Taqwa at 25% capacity: 45 people

All community members are expected to abide by the following requirements;

  1. Admission is on First-Come-First-Serve-Basis until the capacity is reached. Registration will be required for attending Jumma prayer (Confirmation e mail will be checked by the security guard at the main gate).

  2. Age of attendees: 18 – 70 years

  3. Perform wudu at home

  4. Wear face mask.

  5. Bring your own prayer mat or use disposable paper mat/towel on the carpet.

  6. Temperature check at masjid entrance (by security guard for men & lady volunteer on ladies side)

  7. Do not come to masjid if you have flu like symptoms or fever.

  8. Use the rear entrance door only to enter the masjid.

  9. Use hand sanitizer after touching any surface, door, handle etc.

  10. No socializing or gathering in and around the masjid before or after prayers

  11. Pray sunnah’ at home, if possible

  12. Avoid hugging, touching or shaking hands

  13. Keep phones & keys in the pocket

  14. Place shoes in shoe racks

We humbly request everyone to comply with these safety instructions/requirements

First Jumma Salat: Khutbah @ 1:30 PM and Iqama’ @ 1:45 PM
Second Jumma Salat: Khutbah @ 2:15 PM and Iqama’ @ 2:30 PM

Jumma prayer registration is mandatory for contact tracing and to reserve adequate space.
Please click on the attached link to add your name and e mail address.
A random draw will be conducted each week and a confirmation email will be sent out at 6 PM on Thursday to the ones selected for Jumma’ prayer.
Kindly enter your name & e-mail only once as it remains in the system.

Registration is individual. If other members in your household want to attend, they must sign up separately.

Please click here for Masjid An-Noor Jumma Salat Sign up (Maximum people allowed 90).

Free Grocery Delivery

A group of student volunteer are delivering groceries for free to senior citizens and those who cannot go into grocery stores due to COVID-19 pandemic.
For more information contact:
Ali Khan (716) 243-1215 & Umair Syed (716) 903-6390

Masjid Taqwa 


  1. Please click here for Masjid At-Taqwa Jumma Salat Sign up (Maximum people allowed 45)

  2.  Sunday School and Quran classes are cancelled till further notice.


Muslim Society of Buffalo

Jami Masjid

1955 Genesee Street Buffalo, NY 14211
 (716) 279-0953


Mosque Reopening

Jami Masjid intends to open up for daily salah and Jummah in the coming days, alhamdulilahi rabbil alameen. InshaAllah by Friday we will have a more detailed update and procedures on this matter. Please keep your eyes out for the next announcement regarding Jami Masjid’s opening to the public.

Other Announcements

  1. Our work in the Black Lives Matter movement.

  2. Launching of a Pure Water Well & Chicken Coop

  3. Opening after Covid-19:In light of recent events, Jami Masjid has facilitated the following activities:

  • Raised close to $40,000 to open a legal assistance program for individuals wrongly charged, social justice advocacy services and know your rights training’s for the inner city.

  • Went door to door to show our support and build positive relationships in our neighborhood.

  • Member participation in protests, speeches and dialogues with those in political authority.

  • In process:

  • Lawn signs raising awareness and support.

  • Building a strong alliance with leaders of our community.

  • A continuation of long term ideas and projects that will inshaAllah be a catalyst for change.

We thank our community for your participation, support and efforts to work towards change. Together we are stronger.

Jami Masjid of Buffalo gives thanks to Allah ‏تعالى for the opportunity to begin the construction of Bi’r Yusuf, “The Well of Yusuf”. This well is name after Sayyidna Yusuf ‏عليه السلام and the Grand Shaykh Yusuf Motala ‏رحمة الله عليه. Bi’r Yusuf is currently being dug on our property and will be open to the entire community inshaAllah.

We intend a Sadaqa Jariya from everyone who drinks from this water as a gift to our beloved teacher.

If you would like to donate please click here to this sadaqa jariya.

All donations raised will go towards its construction, pure filtration system, brick wall, and maintenance.

May Allah ﷻ Allah accept this deed from us and use Bi’r Yusuf as a means of purification to our lands.

Alhamdulilah, we also have initiated the building of a chicken coop. Our intention is to create a holistic and Prophetic environment for our community through the water well, fruit trees, vegetable garden and by having organically raised chicken and eggs under city guidelines. InshaAllah stay tuned for upcoming news on when our chickens will arrive!


All programs posted previously are online only. Classes are virtual through the Zoom platform, and evening taleem and lessons are through Mixlr. We have updated the flyer below to reflect online only. The masjid is currently closed for all gatherings and programs. We will continue to send updates as we are notified of them.

Please contact us for any further questions.


Seera Nabawiyah

A nightly online reading
Every night
at 9:00 PM
For more details please scroll down for the flyers of all the programs



Masjid Al-Huda


As the calamity of the coronavirus has befallen our community and the world at large we unfortunately have to close the masjid to the public. Please make dua that Allah (swt) lifts this calamity that has closed his houses down.


Masjid Nu’man

1373 Fillmore Ave.Buffalo NY 14211
(716) 892 1332


COVID-19 Update

We are continuing to work on a plan to open the masjid to the public as restrictions continue to be lifted in our area. In the meantime.
Jumah will be streamed live today at 1pm.

We would like everyone to help contribute to our ongoing projects at the masjid, listed in the breakdown below. Please feel free to financially support via our Givelify page.

#1 Rental Office space:

  1. Ceiling Tiles/Frame $100.00

  2. 2×4’s wood $100.00

  3. 4 Doors $600.00

  4. Floor Tiles $100.00

  5. Electrical vent plugs/labor $1,500

  6. Ceiling Fans $400.00

  7. Portable office AC unit $400.00

  8. Strip Floor rental machine $300.00

  9. Floor Stain supplies $300.00

  10. Paint supplies $300.00

  11. Labor $2,500

  12. Total $6,500

Project 2 : Sisters Bathroom

  1. 2 toilets $200.00

  2. 1 sink $130.00

  3. Drywall plaster $200.00

  4. Paint walls & wudu area $200.00

  5. Labor $400.00

  6. Total $1,300.00


Putting the Neighborhood Back In the Hood

PTNBH started in 1996 as a community walk and has now expanded to a weekend of events geared towards celebrating the neighbors and community around Masjid Nu’Man. The concept was brought forth by W. Deen Mohammed after realizing many of our neighborhoods had lost the concept of a “good neighbor” and were now just known as the “hood”.

Celebrating Muslims and non-Muslims alike, PTNBH has been recognized and awarded by the mayor and city of Buffalo for improving community relationships. Now over two decades strong, PTNBH has become a staple in the Fillmore district and continues to grow every year.


Jaffarya Center

10300 Transit Rd. East Amherst, NY 14051
(716) 689-3120


Resumption of Activities

As you may know, Gov. Cuomo announced on Saturday, June 6th, 2020 that houses of worship can open at 25% capacity starting immediately for New York State in Phase Two of reopening. Those of us attending services and events should still take extreme precautions to follow social/physical distancing.
The management has decided to resume regular prayers (including Jumuah Prayers) at 25% capacity with specific restrictions that are in compliance with the guidelines from Ayatollah Sistani, CDC, Medical Experts and the state orders for the safety of our Jaffarya community members.
Jummah Prayer time is 1:30pm.

All community members are expected to abide by the following requirements:

  • Perform wudu at home.

  • Wear face mask at all times in the Center.

  • Bring your own prayer rug/mat or use disposable paper mat/towel on the carpet. (No praying directly on the carpet).

  • Spread out your Prayer rug/mat a good distance away from the next one and leave one row empty between the rows. So that you have good distance on each side, front and the back.

  • Do not come to the Center If you have flu like symptoms

  • Use hand sanitizer after touching any surface, door or handle. Wear disposable gloves if possible

  • No socializing or gathering in and around the Center before or after prayers.

  • Pray sunnah’ at home, if possible

  • No hugging or shaking hands.

  • Keep your personal items (phones & keys) in your pocket.

  • We need everyone’s help and cooperation to get through these difficult times.

As we resume our activities at the Center, let’s remember everyone in our prayers and follow the CDC guidelines and practice social/physical distancing.

Jaffarya Center is looking forward to your generous donations.

Let’s pray that Allah (swt) will protect everyone from this and all other illnesses. InshaAllah.

JazakAllah – Jaffarya Management

Currently, there are no events hosted at the Jaffarya Center premises, due to COVID-19 pandemic. We will host LIVE session on our YouTube channel from time to time.
Please remain safe and stay tuned for further broadcast messages from the center.