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AMEC- American Muslims Empowerment Conference

Realigning our Hearts

Unity & Empowerment through Knowledge

This summer in Buffalo, NY we will foster unity and empower our youth to be confident in their Muslim identity through education and spiritual nourishment.

Our three-day event will have two phases, a day program and a night program.

Our Day program will be an opportunity to engage, challenge misconceptions, educate and cultivate a space for free and honest discourse about Islam in America at the University at Buffalo. Featuring a keynote speech by Linda Sarsour and discussions with leading Muslim visionaries including Hassan Shibly and Brother Tamer Osman.

Our night program will emphasize spirituality, tradition, brotherhood and sisterhood in a serene atmosphere. The night will begin with a bonfire and barbeque, sports activities for men and women, followed by late night tea and open conversations on issues facing Muslims in America.

Throughout the night, there will be prayer and beautiful recitations of the Holy Qur’an to nourish the heart in a tradition dating back to our Holy Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him.

Our goal is to realign the hearts of young American Muslims with the spiritual traditions of Islam, as well as practical answers and resources to help them overcome our contemporary challenges.