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Celebration of Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) Birth

IMG_2902On the afternoon of January 11, 2015 the Jaffarya Center of NiagaraIMG_2994 hosted a birthday celebration for Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).  There was an amazing turn out of about 40-50 people including adults and children.

The event began with recitation of the Holy Quran & Poetry, then Imam Muhammad Salim Ajwa, Ph.d gave an English lecture about not focusing on which sect or group we are in and that we are all Muslims.

 Prior to Imam Chawla speaking, the entire group conducted a moment of silence in solidarity for the victims and family members of the attack in Paris.  Imam Muslim Mehid Chawla also gave an English lecture about strengthening our Ummah and working together as a Muslim community for better days ahead.  Afterwards, the fundraising dinner by Professor Faizan Haq started and continued until dinner was served.  At the end of the evening, several gifts were raffled away to members of the audience.

Prior to the event, several conversations and debates occurred throughout the Muslim community as to whether or not celebrating Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) birthday was allowed, correct or even right to do.  Some people voiced their opinions stating that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) should not be celebrated because he himself never celebrated it. Others feel because of the continuous love and amazing characteristics and IMG_2941IMG_2918mannerisms that were set forth by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh); that a celebration of his birth was a good measure of appreciation for who he was and is still is to the Muslim community today.

The celebration for Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was conducted and the choice of whether or not to participate or recognize his day of birth is up to the individual Muslim themselves.

 Click HERE for more photos from the event


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