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Sorry, I Don't Shake Hands!

By: M. Fatima It’s a normal day for a hijabi Muslimah. She goes to her University/ College/ workplace, dressed modestly, aware that most of the people who see her are under the impression that women are oppressed in Islam and consider her hijab a sign of oppression. She realizes...
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The Whole Story

ne morning, when my parents were up for Fajr, my father saw the lights go on in the house across the street. Someone had recently moved in. My father wondered to himself: this family seems to be Muslims as they are up so early for Fajr MashAllah. Whatever little doubts he had...
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Belief requires sacrifice. It is not possible to hold on to your values and principles without giving up something in return. Religion is no different. If you call yourself religious and you haven’t sacrificed anything, well you need to take a reassessment of your lifestyle one...
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