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Arabic Language Instructor(s) Job Description for ACCESS of WNY, Inc


Cultural Arts Program

Arabic Language Instructor(s) Job Description

Reports to the ACCESS of WNY, Inc. Cultural Arts Program Coordinator & Director. Responsible for the general supervision and management of a class of children; participate in planning and executing the educational program in accordance with the purpose and goals of ACCESS of WNY, Inc.



Professionally prepared as a teacher of young children, especially in the field of early childhood education and/or child development. A warm, sensitive, mature individual who relates well to children and adults.


Child Supervision

Ÿ-  Relate to all children in encouraging and positive ways.

-Ÿ  Supervise children in all indoor and outdoor activities ensuring a safe environment.

-Ÿ  Supervise children during their break time.

-Ÿ  Supervise daily activities such as toileting, hand/face washing.

-Ÿ  Assist in teaching children to become responsible for their decisions and actions.

-Ÿ  Interact with children, teaching such things as arts, crafts, games, and group activities that will benefit them within their lives and reinforce concepts.

-Ÿ  Guide children’s behaviors in a positive way that teaches self-respect along with respect for others and the community around them.

-Ÿ  Encourage children to interact positively with other children and people around them.

-Ÿ  Provide a wide variety of age appropriate activities that offers physical and emotional growth.


Education &/or Experience

-Ÿ  Bilingual in both Arabic and English

-Ÿ  Must have a 2 year in Arabic Language Education.

-Ÿ  Minimum of 2 years teaching experience.


Skills & Abilities

-Ÿ  Must be organized, creative, independent and self-motivated, enthusiastic, dependable, detail-oriented, flexible in scheduling and prioritization, and driven by excellence.

-Ÿ  Must possess good communication skills to present facts and recommendations effectively in oral and written form, including accurate grammar and business correspondence knowledge.

-Ÿ  Interpersonal skills to establish and maintain effective relationships; demonstrated ability to communicate in situations requiring tact and poise; skilled in confidentiality and discretion.

-Ÿ  Must present a neat, professional appearance.

-Ÿ  Requires a good sense of humor and belief in working as a professional, cohesive team member.

-Ÿ  Must believe in the ACCESS of WNY, Inc. mission and be a loyal employee on and off of the job.

Ÿ-  Must possess the ability to develop rapport with children, parents, and co-workers

-Ÿ  Possess strong leadership qualities and skills

-Ÿ  Effective organizational and planning skills

-Ÿ  Ability to conform to an established work schedule

-Ÿ  Ability to understand and follow instructions precisely



– Responsibilities include, but are not limited to;

-Ÿ Supervise upkeep of all educational equipment and materials in assigned area.

-Ÿ Maintain progress records of each child’s growth and development.

-Ÿ Prepare periodic reports, review with supervisor and parents.

-Ÿ Work with parents to promote understanding of their child’s growth and development;

-Ÿ Encourage parent participation in school programs.

-Ÿ Keep classroom and all workstations clean, neat, safe, and well maintained.

Ÿ- Effectively supervise, and utilize classroom assistants/volunteers.

-Ÿ Supervise all activities to ensure safety at all times.

-Ÿ Watch for signs of illness in children at all times and direct ill children to proper medical attention.

Ÿ- Responsible for sending home any and all notices and announcements provided by ACCESS of WNY. Inc. Staff and Board, with children.


Language Skills

Ability to read, analyze, and interpret general documents and periodicals. Ability to write reports, business correspondence, and procedures with conformance to the prescribed style and format. Ability to effectively present information and respond to questions from employees, managers, clients, parents, and general public.  Must be able to deliver all language skills in both Arabic and English.



Interested candidates send resume to by January 10, 2014

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