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An-Noor Sunday School Announcements

1. Following our discussions with the teachers last year and our board discussion during the summer, a new class and teacher arrangement for L2-L7 (No change to Pre-L1 and L1) will be implemented this year. The new arrangement will simply assign each teacher to teach a specific subject and not to teach only a specific class or level. This arrangement utilizes the strengths of our teachers in one of the 3 subjects that we offer (Quran Hifz and Tafseer, Quranic Arabic and Islamic Studies) and gives them the chance to focus on one subject. Students will also have the chance to listen to different teachers and move from one class to another. Additionally, the classroom can then be customized to that one subject assigned for it. This is a new plan; it is not perfect. We are open to your suggestions and feedback on how to add to or improve on it.
2. Each classroom will have a qualified teacher and a teacher aid (TA) or a full time volunteer (FTV)

3. We will attempt to take attendance during the FIRST 10 MINUTES OF ASSEMBLY. Each missed day will lead to a deduction of 1 point off your child’s final grade.
4. A special education/substitute teacher will always be available to take care of those students who are in need of additional help.
5. We are inviting those interested and qualified to work for the school as teachers (MUST BE ELIGIBLE TO WORK LEGALLY), TA and FTV to apply for teaching positions. Please include a short C.V. with a description of your strengths and subject preferences. Final decisions will be made by the board and the principle. Please apply to no later than August 23rd.
6. Interested parents are invited to apply or nominate others to serve as a school board member for a 1 year term.
7. Registration started and will continue till end of the month. We are available every Friday after Jumaa to register old and new students.

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