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An Innocent is an Innocent-be it Muslim or not!

As soon as the news of the Boston attacks hit the wire, my Facebook and twitter feeds overflowed with comments and shares on how this happens every day in Iraq, Somalia , Pakistan, Afghanistan… and how even more are killed on a daily basis.

But what was refreshing this time was the number of people posting on how we should pray for those in Boston just as we should pray for those killed in the other countries because “every life matters and is equally important”

I love this post by Tark El-Messed of Celebrate Mercy (

Let us remember a hadith (statement) by the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. He had a dream where he saw a beautiful garden. In this garden was a man surrounded by many children. The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, explained that this man was Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim); the children were all the children who died before the age of puberty. He explained that they were all in Paradise (Heaven). Commenting on this, the Companions inquired, “Including the children of polytheists?” and the Prophet (peace be upon him) replied, “Yes, including the children of polytheists.” [Source: Bukhari]

SubhanAllah, this goes to show the compassion of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), whose example we are supposed to follow.

A Muslim is not allowed to pray for forgiveness for a non Muslim, but it does not mean that he cannot pray for the guidance of a non Muslim. It also does not mean that Islam allows us to be happy at the death or a misfortune of a non-Muslim.

Empathy, compassion and love are all traits of our Prophet(SAW). Characteristics which we should strive to bring into our personality.

Our hearts should break when we see someone in pain. It shouldn’t matter what god they believe in (if any at all). This extends to the death of tyrant rulers. I have seen (in the news) Muslims rejoicing and dancing on streets on the death of a tyrant ruler. If only they knew how opposite this is to the sunnah of the Prophet(SAW) and the teachings of Islam.

If you want to share the news of atrocities going on in Muslim countries, feel free to do so every day of the year. But when you hear something bad happening in the country you are living in, how can it be right at any level, to play it down by saying that what is happening to Muslims in worst? Why is it that at that time only do some of us think about the killings in those nations?

A mother loses a child … it is heartbreaking no matter what the religion of the family may be.

An innocent killed in Boston bombing is no less innocent than the one killed in Iraq.

We should pray for protection of all innocents from all evil-doers.

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