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The Collective is launching a new branch: The Collective Junior!! 

A Brief Introduction:

The Collective is a print and online publication comprised of conscientious and informed citizens willing to share their ideas concerns and opinions. Our aim is to gather diverse conversations that matter. Our ultimate objective is to lead a collective of informed, knowledgeable, and proactive communities of opinion makers.

The Collective Junior is a platform where young adults can tap into their creativity and express themselves through various media outlets. Continue reading below to learn more about our launching event!

The Launch:

The inaugural event took place on the 27th of June, 2018. Our team hosted the Collective Junior launch at the venue Taste of India. We had a great group of young adults between their high school and early college years attend the event. Our Quality Assurance Coordinator, Husnah Mahmood started off the event introducing our current program and our aim with this initiative. We had a short recitation of the Qur’an with translation, using Chapter 16 Verses 125-128. The itinerary for the evening took a collaboration of the whole team and was then directed by Maribel Avila, the Program Coordinator. Our mission statement, what it means, and a discussion of how our narratives are incorporated into the work we do was provided by our Executive Editor, Damion Townsend – Baldwin. A summary of what we do and the process by which we do it was prepared and presented by our Content Management Coordinator, Alexander Jasinski. Thereafter, the Founder of these amazing organizations, Faizan Haq presented our attendees with the history of the current programs, as well as the projects and goals we have planned for the future. Everyone then participated in activities and exercises designed to spark conversation on current events and the effect we are seeing on the world. There was great interest shown in joining this endeavor and attending our future workshops: Graphic Design, Public Speaking, Photography and Creative Writing. Dinner was served after the interactive discussion. Last item on the agenda was a friendly dialogue where everyone had an opportunity to voice their thoughts and ideas. The event ended with lots of enthusiasm for the next event. We will be announcing our next meeting soon, we hope to see you there!

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