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Hundreds of WNYers were at the Bernie Sanders Rally last Saturday, March 26th at the Buffalo Irish Center. Panel of guests including Professor Faizan Haq were invited to speak to a very cheerful crowd. The first speaker was an activist for Black Lives Matter, Katrinna Martin-Bordeaux, who explained the many reasons why Bernie Sanders should be our next President of the United States. “Bernie has the best equitable plan to address environmental racism,” says Bordeaux.  Next to speak was an Occupy Buffalo activist, Professor Heron Simmonds Price, who believes Bernie Sanders’ promise of political revolution, and that he can help with urgent issues such as Palestinian rights, rights of black and brown people, and many other issues where grassroots are crying out for help.

Professor Faizan Haq, a life-long Democrat, spoke next and thanked the Bernie Sanders Campaign for inviting him and recognizing the Muslim community’s voice and efforts. His speech was titled “To whom it may concern“.  “To whom it may concern, we will not forget who called us names as a community. We will remember because history will not let us forget. This is  not 1916 Germany; this is 2016 United States of America,” began Professor Haq. “To whom it may concern, we had witnessed in this country that dogs were unleashed, water guns were fired, and people were in prison for raising their voice for equal rights. This country had to go to war with itself to earn equal rights. Are we going back in time?” continued Haq. Audience answered a loud “NO” to which Haq said, “To whom it may concern, people have spoken. We don’t want to go back in time. We need to go forward and whomever leads us forward, we should support that person.” Professor Haq said it’s shameful that politicians want to flare up fears against Muslims and that it’s unAmerican for politicians to want to build walls.

Area Director of Communication Workers of America (CWA), Deborah Hayes, mentioned that CWA has nationally endorsed Bernie Sanders as the next President of the United States because they want economic and social justice.  “We love Bernie Sanders because he stands with working families against corporate greed, against Wall Street, and against politics as usual,” says Hayes. Her speech ended with loud cheers and applause. Theresa Shaffer, the event organizer, thanked the speakers and thanked Erie county legislators, Betty Jean Grant and Patrick Burke, for attending the rally. She also mentioned that Bernie Sander won Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington caucuses. Theresa needs volunteers for the Bernie Sanders campaign in Buffalo by visiting The event concluded with songs.



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