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The Muslim Student Association(MSA) of UB had a successful annual banqet last Friday, the 15th of April. The Event began with an eloquent speech from the President of UB’S MSA, Payraw Salih, followed by awards being given out to its members. WNY Muslims’ Project Manager, Amber Shaikh, also gave a speech on how to be relevant as a Muslim in the US by being a good role model and being involved in the community. She went on to discuss the importance of getting involved in the media and that her organization is looking for filmmakers to submit a 10-minute video for the film festival they will be having soon. Registration begins on the 23rd of April.  Dinner followed shortly and the event concluded with a very enlightening lecture by Dr. Shabir Ally, an imam and President of Islamic information and Dawah Centre International in Toronto. He’s also the author of “The True Message of Islam: A religion of Peace.”

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