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Diversity Cruise Event Coverage

Our third Annual Diversity Cruise Event which took place last Saturday the 17th was a  great success despite the weather.  We got lucky it didn’t rain as we were  boarding and only rained at the end of our 2-hour cruise trip.  Thanks to all for accompanying us and especially to ISNF for being acruisepic3 big  support in helping us sell  tickets.  We had our talented community member, Muhammad Zaman, do live painting for us.   We had a Somalian family sell beautiful, Islamic clothes, and delicious, halal food was served while music was playing in the background. Speech was given about the  importance of voting and League of  women voters were there to help attendees register to vote.  Tom Casey of Interfaith Peace Network recited a beautiful, peaceful poem by Hafiz.  Click on picture to see a video of our event. We hope to continue on with many of these fun-filled events. Please let us know if you want to contribute your talents to our community-based events.  We would love to hear from you.  Peace!

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