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Senator Bernie Sanders spoke to a crowd of eight thousand at UB Alumni Arena on Monday the 11th of April and he spoke to thousands more BernieSandersUBoutside the arena who were not allowed in due to full capacity. Speakers were thanked at the beginning of his speech. WNY Muslims’ founder, Professor Faizan Haq, among other speakers, was at the rally and was honored to speak for Bernie Sanders. Bernie began with mentioning that if there’s a large voter turnout on the 19th, then he will win. He said that he is now ahead of Hillary Clinton in the most recent polls and won the most recent primaries. “According to CNN National Poll, we are ahead of Trump by 20 points,” said Senator Sanders. He talked about two issues that popped up that rainy day at the rally. First one is about Goldman Sachs and other financial institutions that could care less about consumers or small and medium-sized businesses. He wants to break up the largest financial institutions in this country. Issue number two is about big corporations like Verizon that made billions of dollars in profits and “not paid a nickel in taxes” and that they are outsourcing American jobs outside the US. He talked about the Walton family who pay wages so low that their employees are forced to go on food stamps. “We are going to change greed of American corporations,” said Bernie. Sanders’ other topics were about corrupt campaign finance system and a rigged economy where there is more income inequality in the US since 1928. He also mentioned the importance of tuition-free public colleges and that student debt needs to be substantially lowered by lowering interest rates. The crowd erupted in thunderous applause. 


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