Possible Anti Muslim Protest Rallies on Oct 9th & 10th

WNYMuslims is alerting local mosques in the Western New York area and community members that, according to CAIR, anti Muslim extremists could potentially be organizing, and protesting outside of several mosques across the nation this weekend including here in Western New York.  The anti-Muslim hate rallies could take place on October 9th (Jummah) and 10th.

WNYMuslims encourages members of the local Muslim community to implement safety procedures to prevent any confrontational situations that may occur during the time of any such hate rally.  We advise the Muslim community not to take part in any verbal or physical altercation if such an event is to happen outside of any local mosque. The anti-Muslim extremists are known for their violent history and provocation.  It is important that their solicitation of anger and confrontation must not be reciprocated.  We must follow the Sunnah of our prophet and deal with challenging situations with sabr (patience) and duaa (prayer) for guidance and mercy for all.

In the event that a rally takes place, contact the local police department immediately for assistance.  We recommend and encourage local mosque leaders: to report any threatening or suspicious acts that are potentially harming, make sure that security systems and surveillance cameras are working, and avoid direct confrontation with aggressive gatherings.

Communication with concerned interfaith communities and neighbors in Western New York is essential.  We will continue to promote mutual understanding and religious diversity through all of our interfaith efforts.

WNYMuslims is community based organization in Western New York that aims to create awareness, encourage diversity, and service those of local community.  We are a platform for Muslims and non-Muslims alike to connect using creative media for Muslims to write their own narrative by encouraging them to actively participate in the mainstream media.

For more information, please call (716) 923-4386 or visit our website