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Muslim Women's Night: Celebrating A Tradition of Arts

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Mohamed's Square: Let’s Talk about the Muslim Genocide in the Central African Republic

A Few Questions?
“What current crisis has killed over a thousand Muslims and has left nearly 2 million more displaced?” most common answers would be Palestine, Syria or Afghanistan but very few Muslims Americans would know about the crisis in the Central African Republic (CAR). The Muslim minority of the CAR have been the target of a brutal ethnic cleansing campaign. It’s currently believed that over six thousand people are believed to have been killed and 2.2 million, about half the population of CAR, have been displaced and in need of humanitarian aid as a result of the conflict that began in December 2013 (Reuters).

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Hadith of the Week

Help your brother whether he is an oppressor or an oppressed. It was said: how am I to help him if he is the oppressor? The Prophet replied, you stop him and prevent him from oppressing others. That is how you help him.” (Bukhari)