Eid Al Adha Banquet with Shaykh Yusuf Estes

In Association with the entire Buffalo Muslim community, UB MSA will be hosting and Eid Banquet with Guest Speaker Shaykh Yusuf Estes this Saturday from 6:00PM- 10:00PM.

You can now purchase non-UB tickets online. Please follow this link: http://tickets.subboard.com/Attractions.ashx

Event Coverage: Buffalo Without Borders

Written by: Akram S.

On the night of October 17, 2013, Asbury Hall on Delaware avenue bore witness to one of the most colorful events in our local history. The International Institute of Buffalo was host to a rich celebration of cultural diversity known as Buffalo Without Borders, and they packed the hall with people of all races, faces, and places, ready to engage in dialogue and make new friends. The main focus of the event was something of universal value… food. Each lucky attendee was given a “passport” within their program booklet, and as they walked the perimeter of the hall they could collect stamps and sample savory dishes from all over the world. Places like India, Jamaica, Thailand, Jordan, Burma, Italy, Ethiopia and many others offered samples of their savory dishes, allowing us to traverse the globe in one night through the use of our taste buds. Click HERE to view photos from the event.


A BIG Thanks to Our Sponsors!

WNYMuslims Thanks our Sponsors for the Ice-Cream Social Event this past Saturday.

Our two amazing contributors:

  • Top’s Friendly Markets
  • Anderson’s Frozen Custard

With the help of your generous donations, all the children and family that attended our ‘Celebrate Eid with Ice-Cream!’ truly enjoyed. Thank you for aiding in our outreach effort to spread awareness to all cultures and faiths in the community. Click Here to View Photos From Event.


WNYMuslims Editorial Board

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